Gold Hela Agencies how to join and make Money

The latest earning platform is here. As always, your strategy is what makes you money. Gold Hela is picking up from the recent State Earn Agencies with even more updates and better support for investors in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Nigeria.

Today I’ll be teaching you the best way you can use to make more money on Gold Hela using 5 simple steps.

Earning methods on Gold Hela Agencies

  • Referrals/Affiliate marketing

With high rates of 50% for every referral made, this is without a doubt the most rewarding of all earning features Gold Hela has to offer. You can choose to entirely focus on this as your primary source of income or take part in the other additional streams mentioned below.

How to fill in the registration form on Gold Hela Agencies
Gold hela registration guide
Gold Hela Agencies

Gold Hela Referrals Explained

In order to be successful in the most rewarding earning feature, it’s very important that you understand how it works and how you can maximise your opportunity to be ahead of the game. Fortunately this is very easy to go about.

In order to get the referral income, you need a downline. Anyone you invite into the platform is your downline. There’s only one way you can invite someone into Gold Hela and this is by using your link.

YouTube video

To get your referral link, you need to be a member of Gold Hela. If you’re not yet a member you can join be clicking here.

Once you’ve registered and logged in, you will see your dashboard where all your earnings are shown.

Gold Hela agencies referrals

On your dashboard, scroll down to the bottom where you will see a link with your username and instructions on how to share. This link is special to you, so please remember that you should not edit it otherwise you will lose any revenue meant for you. Once you’ve understood that, congratulations you’re halfway on mastering the most important steps to earning on Gold Hela.

How much can I earn on Gold Hela?

With the activation fee going for :

  • Ksh 500 (Kenya)
  • Zwd 100 (Zimbabwe)
  • Ugx 20k (Uganda)
  • Tsh 9500 (Tanzania)
  • Mwk 5k (Malawi)
  • Rwf 5k (Rwanda)
  • NGN 3k (Nigeria)

You can earn as much as your potential allows you as there’s no limit. When it comes to network marketing, the bigger your audience is, the better. Even more importantly if your team is well educated then be prepared to hit new limits with Gold Hela.

Gold hela honest review

For example let’s say you have a team of 10 members every week, as your direct affiliates. Every direct earning earns you USD 2.5 and with every direct member having their own team of 10 each that make up your level 2 earn you USD 1.5 finally your level 3 is made up from direct earnings on your level 2 team and earns you USD 0.5

In total you would have a team of 10 level 1, 100 level 2 and 1000 level 3. With this being the minimum, you can earn Ksh 5,000 from your level 1 team, Ksh 15,000 from your level 2 team and Ksh 50,000 from your level 3.

Gold hela Uganda dashboard
Gold hela Uganda dashboard

Potentially, all this is common with a perfectly united team that has a good strategy of using the principle of 10 per team.

Below is an example of a team of 5 that we were trying out on State Earn Agencies which is a predecessor of Gold Hela Agencies.

Gold Hela sample

The most profitable part and where most people enjoy the fruits of their efforts is assembling an active team that is vibrant on their level 2 team. Simply encouraging your team to share their referral link is not enough as compared to forming a telegram or WhatsApp group.

How to form the perfect earning team

Whatsapp status is your friend. It’s a good example of a one on one advertising that gives you the best platform to recruit your team. Most people make a very good income by posting their earnings on WhatsApp statuses.

How much can you make on Gold Hela

For this to be successful, you first need to have an audience. You can easily get this by saving contacts from WhatsApp groups and letting them know if they’re interested in saving you back.

We will be forming a WhatsApp group and sharing the link here so you can get to meet and learn from other earners in Gold Hela after it launches.

Get your Gold Hela Summary Here

Besides being prepared with your earning strategy to boost your income with Gold Hela, here are very important summaries that you can use to share with your team, from wherever country they are in.

The Gold Hela Summary above is a simple explanation for each country that briefly teaches about the earning methods and payout rates on Gold Hela. You’re free to share it with anyone.

How to withdraw on Gold Hela

Have you hit the minimum withdrawal threshold of USD 5 or Ksh 500? Congratulations you can now initiate a withdrawal that should either be instant or arrive within a few hours.

For every withdrawal that you initiate, you receive a confirmation email and SMS to your registered accounts then you receive your payment.

Gold hela withdrawal
Gold hela withdrawal

More Earning methods on Gold Hela

Besides from affiliate marketing, you also have an opportunity to earn more money from multiple ways like:

Reseller Panel

Buy and resell social media traffic at a profit to your clients on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and YouTube. These services are reflected on the assigned account either instantly or within 24 hours.

Gold hela reseller services

Paid To Click Advertisements

Gold Hela earn from clicking ads

This is where you get paid to click ads displayed on Gold Hela from external bidders and the payout is sent directly to your account balance. Depending on specific ads, you can expect to earn different amounts. Some ads will pay you more than others, so you can check the payment bids to maximize your earnings.

Earn from Watching YouTube Videos

Gold Hela earn ffrom watching YouTube Videos

On 2 days in a week, you get paid to watch YouTube videos up to 15 or 30 seconds. These earnings accumulate to the withdrawal threshold of Ksh 500 then you can initiate a withdrawal.

Earn from Trivia Quiz

Gold hela earn from trivia

Are you good or average at quizzes? You can try out weekly quizzes on Tuesdays and Thursdays that earn you Ksh 50 for every set of questions answered correctly. A set of questions has a total of 6 questions.

Chess and Draught Tournaments

Gold Hela earn from playing tournaments

Are you good at board games? You can take it online and compete with fellow teammates on Gold Hela and walk away with the prize money for each round. Check out more on this after the launch on 14th of January to try it out.

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Spin and Win

Spin and win on Goldhela

Usual spins with up to 66 times the stake amount as payouts are available on Gold Hela, provided you approach this responsibly. There’s never a guarantee with gambling and so you must be very careful not to throw away your money.

Need more info on customer care support? WhatsApp us here.

Gold Hela Registration Certificate

Gold hela legitimate certificate and license
Gold hela license

Features of Gold Hela Agencies

Similar to the previous reputable platforms, Gold Hela is a better version offering the following:-

  • Automatic activation
  • Instant deposit and withdrawal
  • Social media giveaways (500 Instagram followers)
  • Top agent bonus rewards
  • Free welcome spins

Automatic activation

Right after registering on Gold hela, you will be redirected to the payment page where your activation fee will be processed. For members in Rwanda, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda, you will be redirected to a payment instructions page that will guide you through your activation.

Immediately after receiving your payment, you will be redirected to your new dashboard. Clients in Kenya will have an STK push sent to their Mpesa number for processing.

Instant withdrawal

Upon achieving your withdrawal threshold, you can proceed to make a withdrawal from your dashboard and this will be processed automatically and sent to your registered number. More conveniently, it’s advisable that you use your number since your funds will be sent to your registered number.

Social media giveaway

Coming under the Reseller Panel earning feature, every Gold Hela member can now claim their free 500 Instagram followers when they submit their usernames. You also have an option of selecting free giveaways for your tiktok, Twitter or YouTube.

Top agent reward bonus

Under the referral earning methods on Gold Hela, the top earners get weekly awards in their respective countries.

Table of Contents

    What is Gold Hela?

    Coming under the popular online platforms in East Africa, Gold Hela is picking from the previous State Earn Agencies with minor updates. Majorly focusing on referrals, it’s considered a pyramid scheme.

    Which earning methods are on Gold Hela?

    • Referrals
    • Social media Reseller services
    • Scoring trivia questions
    • Paid to click ads
    • Watching YouTube videos
    • Casino Spins

    Is Gold Hela legit?

    Picking up from the previous State Earn Agencies, Gold Hela is also a product of BestTech Management, an IT investment company designed to provide an earning source to youths online.

    How to earn with Gold Hela

    With about 5 earning methods on Gold Hela, you can expect to make your most revenue by focusing entirely on referrals.

    Which countries support Gold Hela?

    Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria.

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