34 thoughts on “Lipasmart Is it Legit? Can I make Money”

  1. Why is this lipasmart not login in I have tried several times since I registered it has not been opening

  2. It’s not rily working ….how am I to reset the password and yet no option of password reset?and does it have an app to install coz am working in google

  3. Even my account is still not opening too since I registered yet no earn and I have been watching videos, plus after spinning I always win 10bob

  4. I withdrew some money on sunday 02/October/2022. Until now i have not yet received my payment . What can be the problem?

  5. I watched YouTube videos until my YouTube account reached sh 610 but when I withdrew I was only sent a message by winsmart telling me to be patient as they walk on my withdrawal but I never received the money

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