Twigamart Agencies How much can you Make?

With just over 10 days after its launch, we have quite a number of members who have just made more than Ksh 500. For you to make your first withdrawal, you need to have a balance of Ksh 540. Usually getting 2 active members joining earns you Ksh 500 but you need an additional 40 to hit the withdrawal threshold.

Luckily, you don’t have to wait for your next referral earning as it can take quite longer if you’re still new to it. You can make a deposit right from your dashboard and withdraw your balance altogether.

Your Kingpin of Making profits on Twigamart

I’ve received several requests on how you can make more money and quite faster and easier on Twigamart. Typically it’s usually better to focus on referrals as you might have already noticed. It is not quite easy but as you get on doing platforms like these, you come up with new strategies that can work wonders for you.

Ways you can use to increase your Referral Bonus Earnings on Twigamart

  • Utilise your Whatsapp status. Most people use this way, as it’s potential is underrated. From the likes of popular platform uplines, this is how you got to know about them. One major advantage with this is that there is no limit to the number of people you can reach.
Whatsapp target audience

On the other hand it requires you to directly contact people to tell them about the platform or to get them to save your contact. If you are torn between telling them about the platform directly and saving their contact, I’d recommend going for the contact save.

Saving their contact comes with its own set of advantages, and is definitely the best option you can take.

The Upside of utilising your whatsapp status

With many contacts, this means they can see your Whatsapp status, and this feature is very powerful if you use it correctly. Be consistent with your posting and have a specific approach. For example, since people generally check their Whatsapp daily, you can start by posting screenshots of dashboards.

Utilising Screenshots on your Whatsapp Status

Don’t worry, the screenshots don’t have to be yours. They can be from your platform whatsapp group of online. Then add a caption on how this is simple to achieve and proceed by adding your link on the next status slide. You can follow up by adding on an Mpesa screenshot.

The bottom-line is, just go on and try out several approaches to this and you’ll be halfway there.

  • Posting on Facebook and Groupkenya

These are also powerful ways you can utilise to get your referral bonus numbers up on Twigamart. Starting with Facebook, you need to have an account for this. First create your Facebook account then proceed to join your local groups. This is optional but it’s an important step as it will definitely boost your post impressions on these pages.

Have a neat description of the platform

Proceed to type in a descriptive message about the upcoming platform or you can simply paste the summary. With your similar approach, head over to open discussion sites like Groupkenya and make your post. Don’t be too spammy with your posts, just make a decent announcement and most importantly, include your referral link.

By now, sharing your referral link should be pretty straight forward for you. If you might have missed it, right after logging in to your Twigmart account, scroll down to more information and you will see your referral link. Just click on “Share your referral link” and it will be copied to your clip board.

Keeping up to date

YouTube video

Remember that new platforms come up every now and then, within a span of three months we have a new platform.

This can be confusing to your audience and split your attention if you’re already working on a specific platform. All in all, if you think you have a better chance on the upcoming platform, you should give it a try and work on it equally. Effort stands out and pays very well eventually, but only if you use it strategically.

Aside from all that, you can make good money on recurrent platforms that are mostly coming from Kenya. They are very efficient with Mpesa as the primary payment method for making the withdrawals and you know, activating your account and deposits. It’s okay to compare your earnings with others, but don’t take it in a negative way.

It can as well be demoralising if you constantly compare your progress with others in a negative way. You can let it be a motivation from a good approach, and realize that it’s actually possible to hit your targets.

Please be aware that before joining platforms, check above to see if it is still online. If you notice that a platform is labeled as offline then this means that the platform has been around long enough and that they are no longer making their payouts,

If you go ahead and become a member on an offline platform then you should be well aware that you have put your investment at a risk.

That was it on Twigamart agencies update. See you on the next platform.

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