Swift Mart Getting Your Blog Approved

(Swift Mart is Offline) Launched 18th September 2020

  • What on earth do I write about.

What do i blog about

The legends have lived, and they have left their stories. Some are still alive. You can never run out of what to write about. I promise you that. If it’s still that hard, pick a pen and paper, write only 2 things you like. Let one be heads and another tails. Pick up a coin and make the toss. Well I’m not sure about the chances of a coin landing on the edge, but it should be heads or tails. Pick your topic and just write. Don’t think about what to write, because you’ll never write. Just type and you’ll be on your way.

Blogging days on SwiftMart

Blogging days on Swiftmart are on Mondays and Fridays. Pro tip, don’t wait for the Blogging days. Whenever you feel like your hand is itching, type a short story, or an article, most likely an informative one, and save it on your notebook. When the Blogging day arrives, you’ll have saved yourself good time. Trust me.

Lastly, here’s a video to sum up all this writing, if you’re not a fan of reading.

Still not sure what is Swift Mart? How you can earn from it? Read here What is Swift Mart and its Earning Ways.

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