Best Ideas Ever For A Profitable Website in 2020

Here are the best ideas for your new website

Finally made up your mind that this time round you are going to put up a website?  Well, congratulations, you just made it past the easiest part.

But just after setting up your domain name, your Logo and slogan is already at hand then finally picked up your most convenient web hosting provider, most people with great determination end up getting frustrated over what content are they going to put up out there, then finally lay down all their plans and plans they’ve been pondering about for almost a whole month, or even an entire childhood.

You don’t want to end up there. So in that case, you’re in the right place and I am going to help you with the best ideas around.  Let’s get started.💡

1. Are you good at something? have you had a professional training course? Well, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but worth learning one or two from. Because that is where you begin from.

It doesn’t have to be top notch, since you’ll keep learning new ideas day by day, and you’ll improve with time and deliver what most publishers are not any closer to. 

So, introduce yourself say something about yourself, keep it true and yet appealing. Let your qualifications and experiences be clear and let them know what you can help them with, by solving a problem, because that’s what they’ll be there for in the first place. For example, you can offer:

E-classes (online classes)  at a fee. This could be such as:

  • Cooking
  • Singing,
  • Dancing,
  • Crafting stuff, DIY (Do it Yourself) hacks, 
  • Hair styles,
  • Folding Lesso on your head,
  • Health education, diet, body building or work outs.

 2. You can offer freelancing services on your personal (website for example)  or hosted platforms (Like Fiverr , Iwriter or others I’ll create a post on the best websites for freelancing soon.)

You can carry out services like:

  • Create websites,
  • Transcribe data,
  • Write articles, 
  • Design logos, 
  • Edit Videos, 
  • Edit music audios, 
  • Do research on specific fields, 

The scope is very large when it comes to freelancing. So pick your field according to your best interests.

3. Now this is a very competitive niche, we can all agree on this, even Google Adsense agree on your page having a low probability of approving your website for monetization.

This is because,  there are plenty of other pages posting similar content,  thus cutting out the value of uniqueness from your page, and Google greatly encourages unique content on new websites. 

You can go ahead and give out news on certain topics on your page.

This provides that you constantly do research and update your page to keep on having a good chance of appearing on the search engines after being indexed. Always remember to watch out for copy write content, mostly images and videos.

This can be very costly in extreme cases.

4. If you have the eye of seeing things differently, and know that your passion lies in rare fields like poetry or short stories, you can go ahead and take opinions on relatively trending topics and searches, by composing poems or writing short stories, or creating digital drawn art then feeding them to your page.

Once your audience starts growing, you can make quite a good revenue by locking some of your best works, and airing them up for subscribers that can join your premium membership to access such works at a fee, either weekly, monthly, yearly or even for a lifetime.

Another way you can get revenue from that, can be from advertisement revenue to your blog, provided that you align with their terms and conditions. This is a full time for most blog sites out there.

5. An e-commerce website
You can sell almost anything. What you’ll need to get started is a good theme for an e-commerce website, there are free and paid themes.

For your best interest, if you’ve found a theme that well pleases you, then you can go ahead and get it. Popular CMS (Content Management Systems) like Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla supports popular and well performing plugins that go in hand with e-commerce themes.  

This requires a well orchestrated  approach to get everything right, especially if it supports online payment and international shipping.

With all the above still in topic, you can still make additional revenue from:

  • Ad revenue from Google Adsense or other ad networks
  • Sell Ad Space within your website
  • Affiliate marketing on your website
  • Selling your own products
  • Ask for financial support/donation from your audience.

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