How to Make a YouTube Banner (Channel Art)

Why You Need A Banner Art

Having started your YouTube Channel, you must be excited to bring a new custom look to mark your brand or simply create an impressive outlook for your work. Besides, who would want to have a bare pale looking YouTube channel while you put in a lot of hours and work, and you are also expecting to go big. Having a YouTube banner will also give your subscribers or viewers an impression and a message that you are well organized, and you are willing to create a customized environment to make everyone’s experience better. Well in that case, you are in the right place to have all this in place.

Where can I get the ‘add banner’ option

To access the ‘add or edit banner’ option from your YouTube channel, Navigate to:

On the top right corner from your YouTube channel, click on your profile photo then ‘Your Channel’
Next, click on the photo icon on the top right corner.

Uploading the banner art

Next, you will be presented an upload interface where you can locate the photo of your choice that you have already prepared. Included in that interface, are recommended dimensions for your image upload on the bottom right corner.

Recommended dimensions max size

According to YouTube, the recommended image dimensions for your banner art is: 2560 x 1440 and a maximum size of 6MB for the image to be successfully uploaded.
Here is a template from Google Team to guide you in editing your banner art.
It consists of a Photoshop PSD file for both windows and Mac Operating Systems.

Where can I get my banner Art?

Royalty Free Images

There are free and non copy write images you can get from several websites which acan be extrememly useful. Please note if there are any required steps to be done regarding the use of the images from such sites.
A good example is Pixabay.

From YouTube Creators

Convenient enough, we have generous and very skilled creators who put in a lot of work into their passion and create incredibly stunning templates for their audience to use. You can readily edit them into the appearance of your choice.

From Feelance Creators

Have no clue on how to go about this? You can go to top freelancing fields to request a custom banner for your channel, but at a cost. If you can manage to acquire such a service, you can try using freelance creators to give you a premium hand.
An example of a popular freelance website is Fiverr.

Uploading Time!

Satisfied with your banner image? You can go back to YouTube and Upload your image. YouTube will automatically present you with the overall appearance of your banner across multiple platforms: TV, Desktop and Mobile devices. If you are not satisfied with it’s appearance, you can adjust the crop to suit your preference.

Finally, your banner will be mounted onto your page and you should see your new banner as soon as you refresh your page.
Success on your Creator’s Journey!

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