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(Earn Mula is Offline) Launched 2nd October 2021

Earn Mula launched on the 2nd of October 2021, presenting several means of earning as listed below. Besides the earning methods from their previous platforms, they’ve added tournament games under chess and draught that you can compete and win.

Besides these, if you’re new to what happens here, then you’ve come to the right place. As common as it sounds like a website to simply join and make money, well there’s so much more than just that and you should be well aware of this.

Offering about 5 earning methods on EarnMula, here’s a list:-

  1. Affiliate Referrals
  2. Blog writing
  3. Lucky spins or casino
  4. Watching YouTube videos
  5. Trivia quiz
  6. Chess and draught tournaments

Shown above, is a summary released to help explain how the platform works this is very straight forward to those who have had experiences with similar platforms and know how it works. So from a brief look at these, they already know what to expect. Majority don’t know what it means so let me explain.

From the first image, ‘register your account for “free” by filling your details’ sounds just fine, and yes you can register to EarnMula for free, but you can’t go beyond registration without paying. Required is an activation fee of Ksh 450 to let you access the dashboard.

The dashboard is where you can see your balances and try out all that’s mentioned above in their summary. Here is a preview of the EarnMula dashboard.

From the image of the EarnMula dashboard above, you can see “Click copy to get your referral link”. Under this link, when shared to anyone and they click the link and successfully register with paying the registration fee of Ksh 450, the link owner (will be you if the link belongs to you) will earn a portion of that money paid in this sequence.

  • Level one users earn you Ksh 250
  • Level two users will earn you Ksh 100
  • Level three users will earn you Ksh 50

By level one this means that anyone registering using your direct link as shown on the EarnMula dashboard image above will appear on your level one team category as shown below.

EarnMula Level 1 Earning

By level 2, in this case if anyone who appears in your level one list from your dashboard invites someone into the platform using their own link, they become your level two users but their level one. This way, they earn Ksh 250 since they were the initial inviters of these users, and you earn Ksh 100 being the first inviter.

EarnMula Level 2 Earning

In the case of the level three, the same sequence applies, only now that you’ll be paid Ksh 50 for everyone that gets invited by your level 2 but their level one earn Ksh 250 and level two ksh 100 and so on.

EarnMula Level 3 Earning

Other earning methods

On the EarnMula summary shared earlier they’ve mentioned a couple of other earning methods :

1. Blog writing

Earnmula earn from posting blogs

Seen from the previous platforms, in order to get paid from blog writing on EarnMula, you are required to write a genuine article of your own choice then submit it to the website on selected days of the week, usually two days at most.

At the administrators discretion, they may approve or reject your blog article. If it gets approved, you are given a maximum of Ksh 50 that will reflect on the dashboard under balances.

2. Casino and lucky spins

Here, everything is the same as a gamble, since you stake your balance and use it to spin a wheel of luck that can either take you at a profit or a loss. By now I assume you know the odds of things falling in your favour in terms of lucky spins and where being responsible can be very important.

3. Trivia Earnings

On specific days of the week and at most two, you are presented a sequence of questions to be answered within a few minutes. In order to get paid, you need to get all the questions correct and usually, you’re served with about six questions at most.

4. Earning from YouTube videos

On the video previews posted, you’re required to watch the available video withing the started duration and get credited after the time elapses, usually Ksh 10 for every video watched, and on most occasions, you’ll find two videos on the page, with the limitation of ‘watching days’. This means that this way of earning is only available during the specified days of the week, usually two at most in a week.

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