What is EazyCash and How it Works Explained

(Eazy Cash is Offline) 4th November 2020

EazyCash online business explained

You might have gotten curious with the term EazyCash on everyone’s statuses all over WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram and Facebook.

I’ll try and put this in the best way possible to help you understand what EazyCash is all about and why people are hyping it so much.

Referral online business is definitely not a new thing in Kenya, and almost every youth you come across has something to tell you about referral businesses where you join by paying an amount of fee, then you get a link that you earn from when someone clicks on it and joins the platform, after paying the same fee of course.



So why pay to join a referral business? Like why should I do that? What in particular I’m I buying specifically that is so necessary, you may wonder.

Well of course, when you invite someone new to the platform using your link, and of course if they pay the same amount of fee you paid, say Ksh 500, you get a portion of the money.

Eazycash pyramid scheme

Actually, people do earn from this. And the ones who benefit really well are social influencers, people with an audience, because this is the way the system is meant to benefit you.

A pyramid scheme if I may put it, because that’s what it is. At first, people going for it mostly don’t know about pyramid schemes and why they are risky.

A Pyramid Scheme?

If you’re coming across this word for the first time, let me put it this way.

A pyramid scheme is a business system that works by benefiting the people that were first to the system, this way the people that joined the system under their link or invitation, earn them money by working for them.
The people that join last will have a hard time making money if they don’t have an audience they can invite that will benefit them.

What About The Other Forms of Earning on EazyCash

The more diverse the system the better. In terms of, giving potential customers the comfort of believing that they can still make money besides the default way of referring new users.
If you’ve come across online businesses of this nature, you will notice other similar forms of earning included to usher more users. Other forms of earning on EazyCash:

• Blogging
• Trivia
• Surveys
• Spins
• Referral

Blogging to be Paid

Earn from Blogging in kenya

About blogging, writing an article and submitting it to the system adds it to the articles queue, where the system moderators will read it and decide whether to give you money for it or not. Whether your article will be approved or not, is completely out of their discretion.

Doing Trivia to be Paid

Earn from trivia online business

Now we do have fans of trivia, people who like general questions in no particular order of topic. On this one, they are the ones who create the trivia system and choose the simplicity or complication of the questions they ask. It’s pretty simple, you get them right, you get the amount the system is programmed to give you.

Doing Surveys to be Paid

Earn from surveys online business

Usually, surveys are meant to assist big companies improve their businesses in the way they serve their customers, either by services offered or products.

But, you may have noticed that we mostly have people earning decent amount of money from Surveys only on developed countries, since that’s where we have most big international industries that are in dire need of the public’s feedback concerning their services.

Coming to third world countries like Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda or generally East African countries, we rarely get trivia paid websites that can earn you a decent amount of money. I’m yet to see how EazyCash will perform their paid Surveys to their clients.

Earning from Referrals on EazyCash

As some pay put it, affiliate business. This is the main core of the structure of the business. The ‘invite to get paid’ method. What it requires is your Kshs 500 registration fee, then you can access all these other ways that you can earn from like blogging, trivia, spins, all that.

As you know, most social celebrities or influencers have had an easy time to get around this easy money, because all they have to do to earn, is just tell the public, along some photos of course, that “this is a new system that I’m earning from, and look how much I’m making (shows a screenshot of their earning because they always make a killing) and you as their fan, you’ll also be compelled to join.
Well, it could be just a bit risky.

Since it’s a pyramid scheme based system, the person you invite also pays Kshs 500 as the registration fee, and because you invited them, you get Kshs 300.

Now if the person you invited also invites someone new and they pay the Kshs 500, they earn Kshs 300 and you earn Kshs 100 as the one on top of the tree.

Also, when the third person joins under the second person on the tree and they pay Kshs 500, you earn Kshs 50, the second person earns Kshs 100, and the first person earns Kshs 300. That one repeats itself.

Do they really pay, is it Legit?

Regarding the registration of the business in accordance to the registrar of businesses in Kenya, I am not sure how I can find out the legitimacy of the business yet, but for sure, yes they do pay.

Anyone who goes about sharing their link and screenshots, they sure do know how the system works and that they pay.

They are generous with their money, well as long as they are making profit of course. This way the system doesn’t remove money from their pockets to pay their clients.

The issue may come towards the death of a business, where they are not receiving any more new members, this way they will be forced to pay members with money from their pockets, to cater for earnings that do not come from referrals.

Say earning ways like the trivia, blogging and such, so the system might shut out the late comers altogether with their money too. Stay aware.

Earning from Spins on EazyCash

Spin the wheel image earnmart

Similar to gambling or betting, the Spins feature world exactly the same way. You deposit some amount of money in your account, then you head over and try your luck with the Spins feature that can either earn you some money or take it all.

If you are a person driven by adrenaline and you’d want to see how things go, and you can afford to loose your stake, then proceed on this with caution.

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Because of many reasons. Gambling can be addictive and it can incur you colossal losses and profit to the non refund system.

That, I believe, is all you need to know about EazyCash and you can comfortably get to decide whether you still want to proceed with EazyCash or not.

Remember that things could go either way. You could earn very well still or watch your money go. So if you still have Kshs 500 to try out with the system, be my guest and Register.

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